What is a Backlink and How Does it Impact Link Building?

Learn how backlinks can help improve organic search engine rankings and how to build quality links without buying them.

What is a Backlink and How Does it Impact Link Building?

Links on websites other than yours that lead to a page on your website are known as backlinks, or inbound links. These links represent traffic from another website that reaches your own site, and the quality and quantity of your backlinks can help you rank better on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Link building

is the process of getting other websites to link to pages on your own site, and it is considered to be one of the most powerful tools for achieving higher rankings in search engines. Andrey Lipattsev, from Google, even confirmed in a Q&A session that backlinks are an important ranking factor. SEO professionals understand the benefits of backlinks.

The right backlink can help you improve your organic search engine rankings. However, artificially inflating your backlink profile with a low-level link building scheme can harm your organic visibility online. Buying links will damage your website once search engines identify backlinks related to artificial and unnatural strategies. Links are incredibly important for ranking well, and it's quite rare for you to outperform pages that have a lot of strong links unless you get the same amount. However, links aren't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages.

Building links correctly will generate backlinks capable of significantly boosting organic rankings in search engines. This strategy consists of adopting and replicating the same link building strategies as your competitors. This is definitely something to think about and evaluate carefully before you devote yourself to buying backlinks for link building purposes. But when you lose an important link, the “vote” you were sending to Google is also lost. You can then go to the “Referring Domains” tab to see which websites link to your competitor's site. In my experience, a friendly reminder is usually enough for most people to log in to WordPress and add your link.

It turns out that website owners get carried away with cheap SEO schemes only to discover the damage caused by unscrupulous link building schemes. For a robot to find your website, you'll need at least one link from another website that's already been crawled. Buying backlinks with the intention of manipulating PageRank or the positioning of a site in search engines is against the rules for webmasters. Once you repeat this process several times, you'll be left with a list of quality broken links that point to dead pages. Another link building strategy that search engines frown on is the intensive use of guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text backlinks.

If you don't have much experience with this, you're likely to waste a lot of money on useless links that won't have any impact on your ranking. The right backlinks, in a specific context, will have more or less impact depending on their relevance to a specific topic. You can also use content marketing as an effective link building strategy. You're offering quality content in exchange for the opportunity to link to your website from there. This is an effective way of getting high-quality backlinks without having to buy them.

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