Using Forum and Blog Comments to Build Links

Learn how to use forum and blog comments to build links and increase website traffic.

Using Forum and Blog Comments to Build Links

Nowadays, a blog comment should be on a blog that people actually read and the comment should be attractive enough that visitors want to know more about the person. Forum members may link to your post and re-link it to yours from a higher-authority website that they work for or are owned by them. First of all, Google knows how blogs work and that every time someone writes a comment, they receive a link that points to their site. Many still offer link building services by providing you with a link on sites with a high page rank (PR) at a low cost.

And there's the last group that uses plugins like CommentLuv or KeywordLuv, in which case you can get both your real name and the name of an anchored link. As you build more inbound links, your website can rank higher in search engines, generating additional traffic. You can use the same filters on other competing domains on your list and you'll end up with a huge list of backlinks in the forums. Once you have the list of backlink sources ready, you can plan and start the process of creating links for the forum.

It is advisable to avoid large, high-authority blogs, as those blogs can have a lot of backlinks in naturally created forums. While links to comments aren't that valuable on their own (most of them aren't followed), they can improve your ranking once you're really active creating a lot of them every week. Once you've established yourself as an authoritative, genuine, and well-informed member, start building your brand in much the same way as you would among a group of people in a real social situation. Now that you understand the advantages of creating inbound links, let's discuss a simple strategy that anyone can use to get more website traffic.

Most of these forum links may not be easy to create or may require you to have an active account before you can get links from them. In simple terms, if you get a link from a forum, you can call it a forum backlink (or just a forum link). It might take you a month or two to get some traction and start seeing traffic, but if you stick with it, you'll get a steady flow of traffic to your website over the next few months and years.

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