Using Infographics and Videos to Build Links

Learn how to use infographics & videos for link building & increase website traffic, improve domain authority & boost SEO.

Using Infographics and Videos to Build Links

Infographics are a great way to increase website traffic, improve domain authority, and boost SEO. They offer an easy way to scale link building and attract authoritative editorial links. However, it's time to leave the infographics behind and use three other forms of visual content instead. The first step is to create a new page or blog post on your website to store your infographic.

This will give other bloggers and creators a place to link back to. After that, you should promote your infographic on social media. Studies show that infographics can help increase website traffic by up to 12%, and original graphics, such as infographics, are the best-performing type of visual content. Social media advertising is a great way to seed infographics.

Facebook ads work, but StumbleUpon Ads are even better as they are cheap eyes aimed at social media and you can get in front of a lot of them quickly. The next step is to create a content promotion plan to show parts of your infographic and article on selected social media platforms over the next few days or weeks. You can also create and send a press release to several public relations sites in order to generate buzz around your infographic. Finally, if you want to talk more about link building, you can find me on Twitter or see me in person at SMX West this week.

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